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Accessories for dogs and cats

Let's not forget our most trusted friends, ours animals domestic. In fact dogs and cats they are an integral part of the family! They are always with us and the houses have spaces dedicated entirely to them. For this reason, accessories for pets are made for their needs with an elegant shape that makes kennels or baskets, furnishing accessories for the home. In recent years, the accessories for four-legged friends they have developed new shapes and colors that combine practicality with aesthetics. In fact, the kennels of design with an elegant shape, they allow our dog or cat, an optimal rest in a bed suitable for him. Bowls for approxni and cats they often occupy fixed corners in our homes; why not choose a nice one that is dishwasher safe? Also you can find towersbaskets e cat scratcher that combine functionality and aesthetics. Are you looking for collars, leashes, harnesses and much more for your dog? Click here to discover the catalog coco-pei with all accessories for dogs!