Thanks to its ability to understand and interpret the needs of people and their homes, Alessi became one of the best-known Italian brands in the world Design objects, but first of all functional products that are used daily on the tables and in the kitchens of Italians and more. Over the years, many objects have been awarded and become icons of design; this recognition was given first by consumers and then by the most prestigious international design institutes.


Alessi juicer: Juicy Salif a timeless success

Spremiagrumi Alessi Juicy Salif

This juicer is an iconic object, which has become one of the symbol of the production of Philippe Starck but also of Alessi itself. A revolutionary but surprisingly functional product that over the years has also become an element of decoration to show off in the kitchen. Curiosity: Starck designed the first draft of Juicy Salif, on a pizza placemat during a beach holiday in Italy.


Alessi kettle: an unmistakable design

 Bollitori Alessi

The whole collection of Alessi boilers is characterized by sculptural lines and innovative shapes. The most loved and copied kettle over the years was the famous 9093 with its bird-shaped whistle: one of the best-selling Alessi items in the world! Designed by Michael Graves, from the beginning it has had a remarkable success thanks to the elegant lines and the unmistakable "singing" of the bird when the water is boiling. A simple but revolutionary object that has conquered and conquers even today, the kitchens of the whole world.


Alessi coffee maker: coffee is a ritual that does not allow mistakes

Caffettiera Alessi: pulcina

Strong of a fully Italian identity, the Alessi catalog offers the coffee pots, objects considered indispensable for many of the Italian families! Cupola, Moka and Bombé are coffee pots that we find in many houses, each of them has characterized a specific historical period, becoming the expression of the times and developments in the field of design. The latest creation is the Pulcina collection, designed by Michele de Lucchi, one of the leading designers on the international scene, in collaboration with Illy, an Italian company appreciated for its high quality and the unmistakable velvety taste of its coffee. Pulcina is a very high performance coffee maker, with a boiler that interrupts the exit of the coffee at the right time, before the coffee acquires a bitter aftertaste. This allows you to enhance the full-bodied and round aroma of this drink and rediscover a whole new taste of your favorite blend.


Alessi cutlery: true works of art

Posate Alessi

A wide collection of cutlery consisting of services for everyday use and services to honor with taste and uniqueness the most special moments of the year. For everyday table, the Ovale service is perfect. It has a simple and linear design with a particular attention on the balance of the weight of the cutlery and the glossy finish of the steel that makes this service for the daily table original and refined. The Giro collection is suitable for design lovers: a continuous and curved line gives shape to the cutlery, starting from the handle to go up along the whole body. An element that makes the Giro cutlery balanced and ergonomic but also unique and elegant: a real treat for those who love to stand out with simplicity. Finally, for the most romantic and lovers of decor, there is the masterpiece of Dressed cutlery; a service distinguished by a raised decoration placed on the underside of the cutlery, visible when you hold them.



Trays Alessi: decidedly practical but so beautiful as to become centerpieces

Vassoi Alessi

Alessi, also known as the Italian design factory, is famous for its trays and its centerpieces capable of giving the final touch to every table. Geometric shapes placed side by side to more harmonious shapes with resistant and saturated finishes. Opus is among the best-selling centerpieces because it combines functionality and size of a tray - has a surface 60 cm long and 34 cm wide - to the beauty of a centerpiece with its fretwork reminiscent of lace. Or Joy n.3 a round and very refined tray, both for the processing of the surface that reflects plays of light and shadows, and for the translucent finish. A centerpiece that appeals for the many colors in which it is proposed and for the particular facet created on the surface.