It's just a little over a month away from Christmas and if the gift race is not yet full, we are already thinking about putting it under the tree of friends and relatives. Every year to reconcile the wow effect and the portfolio is not easy but the web and, in this case, the American tradition, come to us and in a few days there will be the Black Friday, Black Friday, day characterized by discounts and that the way to shopping for Christmas. An American tradition born in the 1960s and in recent years has become a fixed event for us as well. Here on Quintessenza design, the black Friday stretches and it will last for four days! In fact, from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 November, you will be able to have a 25% discount on all purchases using the code BLACK2017 to enter in the DISCOUNT CODES area in the CARTRIDGE section. But then what can we buy? Below you will find some Christmas gift ideas to impress your friends with original gifts.



idee regalo per lei - idee regalo per la casa

How many times have we asked this question? It is always difficult to surprise and intercept the tastes of friends especially in a world where trends and fashion change rapidly and affect our purchases. A succession of objects that today seem indispensable but that after a short time no longer interest us. Is it not the case to stop, rather to stop the time, giving objects that resist fashion and trends and will always appreciate for years? If your answer is yes, the creations of Federica Bubani are the ideal. Ceramics molded in his Faenza laboratory, handmade objects laden with tradition and timeless charm with simple, sinuous and elegant lines that can be married in all homes. Federica Bubani's table and wall clocks have already conquered many homes and the new collection of cups and carafe, also used as pots, is a hymn to the simplicity that sees at first glance. Pink, green and gray, interpreted in two variants for a unique and special gift for her and her home.



idee regalo per lui - idee regalo giradischi

The gift for man is always the most complicated, especially for the friend we have known for years and that already has everything! Every year we spin like a throttle to look for the right gift but we reduce to the last minute, buying a gift that does not convince us all the way. Music is the key to the right gift, especially if this allows us to listen to old vinyl without sacrificing the new technologies that allow us to connect our devices and our music to other media. The Crosley Cruiser Deluxe is a vintage spore-shaped showcase with a Bluetooth connection and a 3.5mm input to connect our devices, such as smartphones, i-pods, or other music players. A low-cost turntable with a curious design, a perfect mix for the right gift.



idee regalo per lei - idee regalo per la casa

  Every mother-in-law, like every mother, has her unique and unique personality but the daily and sometimes manic care of the home is a point that unites all the moms of Italy and the world. Alessi has just created the Extra Ordinary Metal line, where he reinterpreted some of his past icons, using the brass. The particular sequence of engravings that we find on the material interacts with light and creates a bright and precious surface. Baskets, trays and fruit boxes that will find space not only on the Christmas table. Your mother-in-law is tied to traditions? No problem, some of the products offered in the Extra Ordinary Metal line are also available in their original version.



idee regalo per lei - idee regalo per la casa

  Mother's gift is chosen with care and love, each of them has its distinct personality, so many facets enclosed in a single person. All of these are in one brand, Iittala, born in Finland and famous for the production of objects that enrich everyday life. A wide collection that can be found in all the rooms of the house. The gift idea for mom? This brand can inspire you but we recommend two products in particular; the Aalto glass vase, available in different sizes and colors, is still one of the world's most famous glassware and the 16-piece Teema, a versatile and essential dish, dishwasher-safe.



idee regalo per lui - idee regalo poltrona a sacco

 Word order: amaze! We expect great things from him, but we must not be less! Boyfriends or husbands always have a childish side that we like and that brings them to playstation or TV series for several hours! How to do all this with style and great beauty? Gifting The Original, the Fatboy Bag Armchair, designed for dynamic guys and moving circles. A comfortable and breathable pouf that can also become a bed once lying on the floor. 140x180 cm softness that will fit all hobby of boyfriends and husbands!



idee regalo per lei - idee regalo per la casa

Why wait for Christmas to open gifts when there will be four days of discounts? It can be the occasion to give me the Kartell Battery Lamp, for so long on top of my wishes! Or George (without Clooney !!) the fragrance diffuser in alcohol-free waffles, without forgetting the wooden Christmas tree that would give a Nordic touch to my Christmas atmosphere. 

The ideas you can find on Quintessenza design are so many, the 25% discount valid with the BLACK2017 code from Thursday 23 to Sunday, November 26 may be the right occasion to buy Christmas gifts in advance and saving so you can enjoy Christmas atmosphere of our cities without the frantic race to the gifts.