The world that revolves around the house is definitely varied, so many companies and many products that are trendy and that change appearance in our rooms with small tricks. It's the beauty of home accessories, with a small budget you can enhance furniture and shelves, refreshing the style chosen for the rooms. But there is something that in recent years has always acquired more importance and more value, an aspect hitherto neglected but which in this last period has claimed the place it deserved: the fragrance for the home! Each apartment has its natural smell dictated by detergents, materials and curtains used, but in recent years you can choose what essence to spread in their rooms. A true craze that has infected everyone, a continuous search for perfumes to perfume the house with the essences closest to the tastes of the family. Mr & Mrs Fragrance is an Italian company that has brought design to the fragrance, creating aesthetically beautiful diffusers with fragrances inspired by the many trips that the two founders, Simona Guerini and Massimo Esposito have done. An Italian company inspired by the perfumes of the world that has been able to distinguish its fragrance diffusers for three main factors: innovation, design and unique fragrances. Let's find out together!


fragrance diffusers

We do not know if it was the most famous of George, Clooney, to inspire the name of this revolutionary fragrance diffuser, but the fact is that George really like everyone! The reason? Its design is elegant but at the same time nice, different colors to match each house and a unique and patented system to spread the perfumes through a constant and silent air flow. His unmistakable form "with open arms" was conceived by Luca Trazzi, an Italian designer, famous for having designed many objects for home design dictated by a philosophy that sees accessories for the home as objects that can accompany us in everyday life, beautiful to look at and easy to use. George is also the protagonist in the kitchen of Simone Cavada, a young and well-prepared Italian Food blogger, who leads the Selfie Food program on LA7, with many recipes and tricks to cook good and beautiful dishes to photograph! In the first episodes, also visible on the site, you can see the easy use and especially the partner that George can be in certain situations. Its revolutionary pod-based scent system allows us to neutralize and DO NOT cover, the specific odors that remain in the kitchen after preparing fish or after having fried for example. George is striking for design but is chosen for the technology that sets it apart from all other perfumers!



capsules mr&mrs fragrance

What makes George so special? Simple, the capsules on air! Unique and practical were designed by Mr & Mrs fragrance. The patented system is ingenious and safe because it totally excludes alcohol from its pods to give space to a solid perfume where the olfactory notes are enclosed in very advanced techno polymers. An easy and intuitive use, the pods can be handled by both large and small, and a new concept and a new way to perfume the interior. The pods have revolutionized the world of coffee and soon they will do the same in the world of home fragrance!



George scent&sound

Innovation is the soul of this company that has created an advanced version of George combining the evocative power of perfume with music that we like best. George scent&sound, un fact, through Bluetooth technology spreads music and perfume in the air, easily connecting with your smartphone or tablet to listen to your favorite songs. The sound box is integrated into the electronic speaker George and combined with the favorite essence, can give unique moments of relaxation or frame a dinner with friends. Available in the classic colors white, red and black and in the two trendy colors of this 2018: rose gold chromed and anthracite chrome. A single object that contains perfume and music ... for lovers of minimal design, a perfect gift: a diffuser of essences and music!



perfume diffusers

The use is simple and intuitive: just press lightly to open the "drawer" that contains the scented capsule, close it and turn on the ON / OFF switch. Now our George is ready to be set on the perfume program we want. We can choose between two settings: the green program intervals ten minutes of fragrance to ten minutes of stop for a total duration of six hours while the orange program spreads the essence without interruption for an hour. George is equipped with a rechargeable battery via USB cable and can be moved anywhere in the house with ease. But this diffuser for the environment is also suitable for perfuming shops or offices. In fact, a delicate and fresh scent that welcomes the customer is perhaps one of the best business cards you can have!



reed diffusers

For lovers of great classics, Mr & Mrs Fragrance has created a line of reed diffusers combining the classic method to spread the essences with curious and unusual fragrances inspired by the smells of travel! Every corner of the world has its characteristic scent dictated by the vegetation, the seas or the particularities of the areas. If a journey cannot last forever, the scent and the feeling of being in those places can also be found at home thanks to Mr & Mrs Frangrance and a lively imagination!



perfumer for cars

If you want to have perfume even in the car, Niki is the car perfumer that's right for you! Small, fragrant and colorful! With its universal clamp it attaches itself to the mouth of your car and thanks to the air that comes out, the scent expands naturally. A gentle breeze combined with a design with classic colors, glittery or trendy textures. Niki is rechargeable, in fact, once the perfume has been used up it can be replaced with one of the numerous fragrances available



Because Mr & Mrs Fragrance is an Italian reality that has risen to stand out with quality bringing innovation in a market dominated by alcohol-based perfumes. The technology based on pods has won us over and the fragrances offered are intense but at the same time delicate; an essence that spreads in the air without weighing it down, a graceful protagonist that feels but does not impose itself, perfuming the home or office naturally. In addition, the design of George, makes this speaker a piece of furniture that embellishes the rooms with its unmistakable shape! Smell your life!