Do you know the iittala brand? We felt in love with it right away, in fact it was one of the first brands included in our e-commerce! We were captured by a company that offers products for the home and for the table, created with craftsmanship inspired by the Nordic style. Iittala was founded in 1881 in Finland, its roots are based on the craftsmanship of glass that has led the brand to create unique, iconic and essential objects, rewarded countless times thanks to a timeless design that makes vases, plates, glasses, lamps and more, always current objects.





The production of Iittala for the home celebrates generations of essential objects that are made to enrich people's daily lives. Each item must be distinctive and multifunctional with a durable design for everyday use. The Kerros tray is a mix of multi-functionality; it can be a side table to be placed side by side with an armchair, it can be a shelf to be kept in the kitchen on the work surface but can also be used as a tray. For every occasion, Kerros is the right solution, the two shelves make it spacious but also compact, an object that will have more functions inside our homes, like the Vakka wooden container, practical and modular, proposed in two sizes and in two finishes; white and wood. A design solution for storing and storing objects that enrich the home! A box for children's games, a box for storing blankets and cushions that alternate on the sofa or a practical stackable wooden box to keep in plain sight.





 iittala teema

If you are looking for a durable and refined table service, the Iittala Teema collection is just right for you. Plates, cups, bowls and serving dishes that capture the essence of Scandinavian style, in fact each piece comes from three simple shapes; rectangle, circle and square. The Teema collection, besides enriching the table, is extremely functional; it can be used in the freezer and in the oven and then wash everything comfortably in the dishwasher. It was designed by Kaj Franch, one of the most iconic Iittala designers.     




iittala CUTLERY


A cutlery is forever! A few sets of cutlery but beautiful and quality, able to adapt to the countless tables that each year accompany our moments of celebration and our daily life. The Piano cutlery set of Iittala is a classic example of simple sophisticated design. Each piece is made of stainless steel and it is characterized by soft and rounded handles with balanced proportions. Its mirror finish gives the Piano cutlery a sophisticated look, but the lines also blend well with everyday use. Simple but distinctive design for the Scandia set of cutlery, in production since 1952, when Kaj Franck designed the series thinking about everyday needs. Scandia cutlery is a classic that adapts to modern and traditional tables. Finally, let's surprise with Citterio 98, the set of cutlery in matt brushed stainless steel. A finishing that over the years has conquered many tables, bold and distinctive, amplified by the generous proportions that have made the Citterio 98 collection a modern classic.  




tools iittala


Iittala is synonymous of quality, the idea behind this company is to offer durable products from an aesthetic and above all functional point of view. Boosted by this concept was born the series of pots Tools, developed in collaboration with international chefs in order to offer high quality cookware. The Tools collection is made with a special multi-layer technique: an aluminum layer inserted between two layers of stainless steel, for an excellent and uniform heat distribution. The pots and saucepans have measurement marks engraved on their inside and have well-fitting lids designed with a small notch to allow the steam to escape during cooking. The large handles are the aesthetic element characterizing this collection, an excellent quality accompanied by clean lines that allow you to bring the pots directly to the table. Easy to clean, the iittala Tools pots are suitable for all cooktops. 




iittala lamps

The undisputed protagonist is the glass for the three models signed by iittala; Leimu, Lantern and Kuukuna. The first model, Leimu available in copper or gray, combines two opposing complete materials; the delicacy of the glass combined with the solidity of the cement. An unusual union that emphasizes the beauty of both materials, creating a lamp with a strong character, winner in 2014 of iF Gold Design. The Lantern lamp is the evolution of the candelabra designed in 1999, the same shape but with the practicality of the light bulb. An iconic light with a strong Nordic imprint that can be placed both on the ground and above the shelves, available in two heights, 60 or 20 cm and in two colors, semi-opaque white or transparent copper. Finally the Kuukuna lamp that fully represents the art of blown glass processing, for an object with a clean shape able to create a natural and warm glow. Two sizes for the Kuittuna iittala lamp, designed especially for the living area.




Because for iittala it was love at first sight, since the first international fairs we visited. A company with a wide production, made of practical objects that embellish  homes with a timeless design. The products designed by iittala are designed to be combined with each other, the new is combined with the iconic collections of the brand produced for more than eighty years but which are still protagonists in homes all over the world. A Finnish company that exports a modern and clean design