Wall clocks are a complements that have his space in all houses, even in the most technological ones, because in addition to punctuating time, the clock is considered an indispensable piece of furniture able to complete the harmony of the elements of a room. Incantesimo Design is an Italian craft company founded in 1997 in the province of Milan which over the years has distinguished itself for the high quality of its design watches, both for the materials used and for the aesthetics.



orologi da parete design

Since it was on our site the success was immediate: the Diem wall clock is the most loved! It was designed in 2012 and after many years, the simple and clean shape of this watch still conquers many homes. Important hands in the shape of an elongated drop and the numbers 3.6, 9 and 12 formed by soft and thin curves. Diem wall clock of Incantesimo Design is available in three colors; white, gray and black and fits into any type of design furniture, thanks to a compact size that knows how to draw attention to itself at the right time. The low price makes it a home accessory accessible to everyone.



wall clock genius

Originalità e creatività per l’orologio Genius, uno dei primi orologi disegnati dai creativi di Incantesimo design. I numeri romani sono i protagonisti del contorno in metallo mentre l’interno è composto da meccanismi statici in metacrilato trasparente che sostengono il cerchio in metallo centrale su cui ruotano le lancette. Il diametro è di 45 centimetri e l’orologio Genius è proposto anche nella versione con pendolo per gli amati degli orologi dal sapore retrò ma con un carattere moderno



wall clock solis

Solis wall clock takes inspiration from the sun. The harmonious shapes of the rays are hand painted and give the wall clock an attractive design that is unlikely to go unnoticed. The absence of numbers enhances the stylized but not trivial shape of the sun offered in three colors: gray, pastel and sand where the tone-on-tone color gives a well-balanced color chromaticity. Sun is fixed on a round base bi-satined  methacrylate that isolates the shape from the wall and projects it towards the viewer, giving a sense of depht.



wall clock liberum

For those who do not like the defined shapes of a wall clock, there is Liberum, an authentic decorative clock for the kitchen or the living room, available in two colors: white and gray. The creative arrangement of numbers transmit  a feeling of freedom and movement able to decorate an entire wall. In fact, the Liberum watch is also proposed in the Big version with a height of 85 centimeters. An important dimension that decorates with simplicity and uniqueness, completed by two long hands.



ipsicle wall clock

The Ipsicle wall clock is to be observed for the dynamism of the gears and for the harmony existing between the materials used and its shape. Original and creative, on the clock there is a phrase written by Seneca: “Omnia aliena sunt tempus tantum nostrum est”, all things belong to others, only time is ours. Elegant and precious, Ipsicle is a wall clock with gears suitable for those looking for a refined touch for the home or office.



table clock greemwich

If you think that the table clocks are disappearing, you are wrong! The production is concentrated on original models, precious and sophisticated ones, able to surprise for precision and richness of details. The Greenwich table clock is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship that incorporates the shape of the sphere present in the Greenwich observatory, symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Methacrylate, chromed brass and lacquered MDF make up a precious table clock able to satisfy the most demanding fans.