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Paola c.

Paola C.


Born and hosts a tableware collection based on a youthful yet refined interpretation. The Paola C. collections of objects made using a variety of materials are created by Italian and foreign designers and artists under the art direction of Aldo Cibic. Paola C.’s collaboration with Aldo Cibic started in 2000 with a series of hand-finished ceramics and a line of mouth-blown glassware. Over the years, the collection as well as the search for new materials have expanded, maintaining the goal to create practical, elegant and poetic objects. Paola C.’s commitment to offering opportunities to the young – and Aldo Cibic’s relationship with various universities – started a constant and fruitful collaboration with schools through a series of exhibitions, each dedicated to a single school. These initiatives helped create collections of products, most of which are now well-known and successful.