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candle holders

candle holder they are a must for a romantic atmosphere, with warm lights that flicker at every slightest current. The light of the candles gives a relaxing and refined atmosphere to the house, as well as being a decorative element that has become indispensable in recent years. Candle holder design e modern candlesticks they are objects that decorate and make the environment more refined, illuminate with class and elegance and are a gift idea appreciated especially during the Christmas period. Decorative objects when the flame is extinguished, luminous objects when the flame is lit, define the style of the furniture and give a soft light to the room.

Candle holders: the materials

Each style corresponds to a material! The glass candle holders are a timeless classic thanks to the versatility of this material and the plays of light that are created between the flame and the transparencies of the candle holder. Slender shapes with transparent glass for a classic style, or "glass" shapes with colored glass for more lively atmospheres. The ceramic candle holders bring with them the gift of an object created by hand but can surprise with unusual and original shapes. Finally, for modern or Nordic style homes, there are the steel candle holders. Harmonic and di forms design, the steel can be stainless steel or painted in many colors on delicate and slender shapes.

Modern candlesticks

The word candelabra brings to mind a classic object, typical of villas and luxurious residences but the ability to reinterpret designer, has led to more essential and simple shapes but at the same time full of charm, capable of elegantly decorating the rooms of the house. A modern candelabra decorates the table, replacing the classic centerpiece, or enriches shelves and cupboards, bringing an aristocratic touch but in line with the style of the house.

Modern candle holders are the best sellers because they adapt perfectly to the contemporary style of today's furniture but there is no shortage of unusual objects that are liked for their ability to surprise. Among these is the Esag candelabra by Atipico inspired in form, by the socket wrench used in construction.

Modern, unusual and classic: these are the most representative adjectives to best describe the candle holder and modern candlesticks available in our online catalog.

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