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Carving Knives

If you need to chop, slice, chop or cubed meat, fish or vegetables, the carving knife is the solution for you. A kitchen knife versatile that will help you chop the vegetables for the sauté, a chop the meat for the tartare oa break up the chocolate for the cake.

in best knives in the kitchen, the absence of gaps between the blade and the handle facilitates cleaning and is decidedly more hygienic because there is no risk of some crumbs getting stuck at the base of the blade. THE carving knives they are divided into two families, for vegetables or for meat; the characteristics are the same, only the measure changes: the carving knife for vegetables has a smaller blade than the meat cutter. Finally, the carving knife is often confused with the Chef's knife; the difference is all in the size because the latter is larger and is also suitable for cutting large pieces of meat.

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