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Accessories for wines and more: Corkscrews, bottle openers and corks

Sommeliers and wine enthusiasts will surely have a bottle opener and several corks in their kitchen drawers! Uncorking and storing are the watchwords for these two essential accessories for those who love to drink a good glass of wine at dinner as well as at aperitif time.

Bottle opener

Corkscrews enter company catalogs with the spread of corks and success in the world of design it is immediate. Alessi creates Anna G., a corkscrew that is still among the best sellers today. In fact, the functional form is perfectly combined with the creativity of designyour!


Once a bottle of wine, such as beer or other spirits has been uncorked, it is important to keep the aroma and degree of bubbles unchanged over time. The temperature in which to store the bottle is essential but the cap is also an important component. Adaptable and hermetic to enjoy until the last bubble.