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Home decorations


Le decorations for the casa, are thati dettagli that at first attract the attention of those who look at them, and then mend harmoniously with the furnishings of the environment. Supplies elegant that make the rooms more "lived in" and that allow us to customize the environments with a unique touch, made of decorations and objects for the home in line with our tastes.


In recent years, thanks to the greater attention paid tohome decor, vasi e candlesticks, are among the home accessories most purchased online courses to embellish shelves or decorate bookcases, alternating book compartments with vasi e candle holder with modern and original shapes.


Modern indoor vases


Vases are undoubtedly one of the most used objects to decorate because they are functional and decorative at the same time. Functional because they are perfect for displaying the bouquets of flowers they give us or the flowers we collect from our garden, decorative because even without the flowers, they make the room more refined and complete, decorating spaces such as bookcases, shelves or tables. The most popular are the glass vases, perfect for all styles of furniture and appreciated for the delicate transparencies that highlight the flower stems or the lights of the garlands during the Christmas period.


candle holders


Among the most loved decorative items for the home, there are certainly candle holders. Thanks to the Nordic style that is so popular, even in Italy, candle holders have become modern decorative objects that are displayed in the living room or in the entrance of the house. The baroque shapes of the classic candelabra have been simplified to leave room for more regular lines and softer shapes.


Decorative household items are the right choice for anyone who wants beautify the house or renovate the rooms without changing the furniture, a few new objects that refresh the environment and give us a beautiful, functional and well-kept home.

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