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Lighting design

La light it is a fundamental component to make the home welcoming and we can define it as the soul of the rooms. In fact, a careful choice oflighting, will enhance the chosen furniture and bring the last touch to complete theatmosphere of the house and garden. For illuminate properly, the light points they must interact with each other. They have to create different light intensities according to the needs and the room we are in. Direct light in kitchen to illuminate the table and the worktop and soft light in bedroom to facilitate relaxation. Light mixed in countryside house. both for dinners with friends and for an evening in front of the TV and targeted light for the bathroom in order to put on make-up and shave with a light at the right height. Finally bright light for the garden which becomes the living room of the house in the summer season. Discover our online lighting section for interiors and exteriors up to lighting with LED lamps.

Interior lighting: The ceiling lamps

Lighting the interior of the house is certainly the most challenging part! In fact, each room has its own needs and each choice must be well thought out. First of all we start by defining the ceiling lampsWe find these in all areas of the house, they are the main light point of the environment and all the others revolve around them lamps that complement or define the lighting of the room.

The table lamps

For example, if we want to decorate with light, the table lamps they are perfect. In fact, depending on the functions and environments, we may need the bedside lamps to complete the furniture from the bedroom, or of desk lamps, techniques and orientable to facilitate study or work, or of table lamps decorative, perfect for capturing attention both when turned off and on.

The wall lamps

If, on the other hand, we want to emphasize some walls decorated or covered with particular materials, one wall lamps this is what it takes to focus attention on elements that would only be "touched" by the beam of light from the ceiling lamp.

Finally, the floor lamps they allow you to create a new light point exactly where you prefer, capable of illuminating any corner of the house, enhancing even the smallest spaces.

Outdoor lighting

To fully enjoy the garden or terrace of the house even after sunset, it is important to give the right lighting to outdoor spaces to experience every outdoor occasion: from evenings with friends to family dinners under the stars. As for the interior spaces, we also have different types of lights for the exterior. To illuminate the table, rechargeable led lamps are the perfect choice for versatility and comfort thanks to the absence of wires. The outdoor pendant lamps are created to illuminate the arcades, the appliques to highlight the walls while the outdoor floor lamps bring light to the relaxation area consisting of low tables and sofas. In addition, the lights for the outdoors can become furnishing elements capable of bringing a touch of design even outdoors. The lamp Don't touch di Karman is an example of this with its refined stems to make the home garden elegant or the Tolomeo series, a design timeless signed by Artemide.
May your style be for lamps design o minimal lamps, For the 'interior lighting or exterior, browse our catalog of online chandeliers 

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