Set completo di coltelli da cucina

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Coltellerie Berti

Kitchen knives set: Il Trinciante complete set

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Box with fourteen kitchen knives for food preparation and table service: Ham Knife, Bread Knife, Carving knife for meat, Medium carving knife, Roast knife, Carving fork, Sharpener, Chef's knife, Fish knife, Pesto Knife, Boning Knife, Vegetable Trimming Machine, Curved Paring Knife and Straight Paring Knife


Il Trinciante completo.  Produced by hand in small quantities and without division of labor, those who started them ends: on each blade will find the initials of the craftsman who made them.   



flexi fish filet knife overall cm. 33,4 blade cm. 20,4 handle cm. 13,2
pesto knife overall cm. 30,4 blade cm. 16,9 handle cm. 13,1
utility knife overall cm. 28,4 blade cm. 15,3 handle cm. 13,1
boning knife overall cm. 29,23 blade cm. 16,1 handle cm. 13,1
curved paring knife overall cm. 18,2 blade cm. 7,4 handle cm. 10,8
chef's knife overall cm. 38,3 blade cm. 24,9 handle cm. 13,1
chef's knife overall cm. 33,1 blade cm. 19,8 handle cm. 13,1
tomato knife overall cm. 22,7 blade cm. 11,8 handle cm. 10,8
ham/prosciutto slicer overall cm. 39,4 blade cm. 26,3 handle cm. 13,1
bread knife overall cm. 35,2 blade cm. 22,3 handle cm. 13,1
sharpening steel overall cm. 32,9 blade cm. 20,1 handle cm. 12,8
carving knife overall cm. 35,5 blade cm. 22,4 handle cm. 13,1
carving fork overall cm. 29,2 tines cm. 15,4 handle cm. 13,8
straight paring knife overall cm. 21,6 blade cm. 11,1 handle cm. 10,8


Pieces for box: 14
Package size cm. 55,2x32,4x20,8
Weight: 2268 gr. - Weight packed knife: 12498 gr.
Blade: Stainless steel X50CrMoV15 - Handle: White lucite
Additional description: full tang forged knives

Washing instructions: always preferable to wash by hand; eligible for dishwasher. 

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Manufacturer Coltellerie Berti

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