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Kitchen knives for chefs or enthusiasts

Entering the world of kitchen knives, you immediately understand that for every food there is a knife with specific blades and dimensions for each food. In fact, the latter will allow you to easily and precisely cut everything you want. There are many variations between the kitchen knives, but we can divide this large family into different categories to better understand the function and characteristics of each one.

What are kitchen knives?

Let's get to know the most used knives in the kitchens of chefs, enthusiasts or simple cooks by necessity!
Let's start with i cmeat knives which allow the meat to be processed in all its phases, from de-boning to cutting the cooked meat and then continuing with the fish knives who must know how to fillet correctly thanks to a flexible and well-sharpened blade. For those who don't like meat, let's move on to cheese knives. These have different blades according to the type of pasta: thin and strong blade for hard pasta, heart-shaped blade for parmesan and spatula for soft pasta.

We continue to explore this world with the Chef's knives that are the jokers of the kitchen! With a single knife we ​​can cut, slice and mince meats, cheeses and vegetables while for cutting fruit e vegetables the knives have a short blade that allows for easy shredding and peeling.
Finally, the only knives allowed in the kitchen with the serrated blade are the bread knives and are used to cut bread, cured meats and pies.
We conclude with the family of japanese knives,  blades with imposing shapes based on a long and ancient tradition in the art of cooking.

Knife set or professional knives?

As you can see, this world is very large indeed, but i kitchen knife set, with or without block, they can be the right solution to find the equipment that is right for you: a complete set with professional knives and block or a basic equipment with quality chef's knives ideal for the most common cuts. Among the best kitchen knives we find the Coltellerie Berti with its artisans who sign the blades and create kitchen knives for professionals or enthusiasts. Furthermore, for those who want to keep the worktop tidy, the knife block is an essential kitchen accessory for storing them and always having them ready for use.

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