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Ceiling lamps

Le ceiling lamps they are an essential element and are usually the first to be purchased for your home. Discreet or original, the ceiling lamp it is the most sought after because it allows to illuminate the room in a uniform and essential way, especially in the smallest environments. In fact, a room of 15-18 square meters can be essentially illuminated by a single light point placed in the center of the ceiling.

There are so many chandeliers in this selection because these accessories are designed by designer not only as simple lights but as ceiling lamps of design, perfect to satisfy the need for light and decorative shapes. To simplify, we can divide the category into two large families:

Suspended lamps

chandeliers, they are perfect for all rooms in the house. There really are no rooms where they are not indicated; kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, entrances and even bathrooms. Yes, that's right, in recent years the queen of the bathroom, the ceiling lamp, is no longer the undisputed choice for lighting and, the pendant lamp with small dimensions or in any case in proportion to the size of the bathroom, has become a perfect replacement especially for those who are attentive to design and loves to take care of the details of the house. On the other hand, the chandeliers are lights that in addition to illuminating, furnish and decorate the rooms and for this reason, they have always been the most loved. The proposed collection is very vast and offers different lines to meet the most diverse light needs: ceiling chandeliers design for those who want to illuminate with real lighting icons, modern ceiling lamps for those who have a contemporary furniture and want to illuminate with the same style chosen for the furniture, led chandeliers for those who are attentive to energy saving and cheap pendant lamps for those who want to illuminate with quality lamps at the right price.


 Le ceiling they are often associated with a classic and simple style, designed exclusively for the bathroom or small rooms. But in recent years the ceiling it has changed its skin and has taken its place in modern and contemporary lighting design. In fact, the ceiling lights combine the functionality of light with innovative shapes, becoming suitable even for the most modern environments. Furthermore, they have always been the preferred choice for those who need to illuminate low rooms or small spaces, minimizing the size of the light point or for those who love a minimal and essential style. The bathroom ceiling lights they are among the best-selling because they are considered by many to be perfect for an environment that often has a floor area of ​​less than 10 square meters. But don't just think about the classic round ceiling light! In fact, the shapes are more creative and original and the new technologies combined with increasingly moldable materials have given new life to light for the bathroom. Also there modern ceiling light it is highly sought after because it satisfies the desire for contemporary forms without weighing down the environment with overly intrusive suspensions. For the more whimsical there are special ceiling lights which have a great decorative impact in the room. The most sold? There leaf-shaped ceiling light, perfect for the children's room or for the entrance to the house. Finally, for those who are attentive to savings, there are the cheap ceiling lights that allow you to illuminate with modern elements at the right price.

Discover our light catalog and you will find a wide choice of ceiling lamps!

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