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Magnetic Whiteboards

Le magnetic boards were born to allow you to effectively and creatively fix notes, ideas, photos and thoughts.

 Equipped with magnetic accessories  magnetic slate it is an extremely functional accessory for the House e for the office but it is also a piece of furniture capable of bringing a personal and creative touch to the walls of a room: the magnetic kitchen boards they are valid allies for writing down recipes or the list for the next shopping, near the children's desk it becomes a beautiful and functional accessory while in the office it helps to keep the desk tidy, collecting sheets and slips. In addition some magnetic whiteboards also have a practical wall document holder that with the large rear pocket, allows you to store documents, papers and the day's mail.

Le magnetic blackboards for furniture they are an original and creative gift idea to amaze friends and relatives on their birthday, a multi-function object that can also be used as a practical wall key holder, thanks to the hooks present in some models.

Rectangular magnetic boards

They are the smallest in the catalog, they have a width of forty centimeters and a height of twenty, but they are the most versatile. In fact, as anticipated, they have been conceived as multifunctional decorative elements for the home, capable of satisfying multiple needs with a single object. In addition to a magnetic surface for fixing sheets and photos and a document compartment, there are models that have an integrated mirror, key ring or towel hanger. In a small space we can organize more objects and there is a magnetic board perfect for every room from the house: from the kitchen to the entrance, to the children's bedroom.

Magnetic whiteboards for the office

 In a work environment there is a need for organization but this does not mean giving up a particular touch on the walls. The large magnetic whiteboards, ideal for the office with their size of eighty by eighty centimeters, furnish when they are empty and organize reminders or notes when the work requires it. The Remember blackboard is perfect for the office, as well as having a magnetized surface, it is divided into sections, just as if it were a big calendar, with the possibility of making appointments and meetings always at your fingertips!


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