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Table clocks

For those who think that the table clocks are disappearing, you are wrong! The production is concentrated on original, precious or sophisticated models able to surprise for precision and richness of details.

modern table clocks mark the passage of time on desks or shelves at home! And they are a real piece of furniture to be exhibited, especially in offices, studies or children's bedrooms. Small for the desk or larger and more decorative for shelves or cupboards, atable clock it can attract attention or discreetly decorate your home or office. L'Greenwich table clock di Incantesimo Design is a masterpiece of Italian craftsmanship: it takes the shape of the armillary sphere of Greenwich, è precious table clock and is capable of satisfying the most demanding enthusiasts. Furthermore the table clocks are a perfect gift idea for anyone who loves the design and collectibles.

A selection of table clocks to make your home more beautiful. Discover the online catalog of quintESSENZA Design.