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Cutlery and cutlery set

Cutlery at the table is an indispensable element both for enjoying dishes and for giving the final touch to the style of the table. Elegant and comfortable for the most important occasions, practical and light for the everyday table, the choice of service is easy and fun, just be guided by personal taste and keep in mind for which occasion we are looking for them.

Modern cutlery

Surely the most sought after, the modern cutlery sets are characterized by minimal shapes and polished or brushed stainless steel. Modern cutlery is versatile and can be used both for the everyday table and for special occasions because the simple shapes adapt to many styles. A modern set is the most purchased by young couples because with a single service they can set both the daily table and the table for special occasions

Cutlery design

The triumph of creativity in form and decoration, spoons, forks and knives of design they are created to amaze and to bring a special touch to the table of the holidays or the most important occasions. In fact, they are made to be admired! They do not go unnoticed and impress with design refined and precious decorations. In the cutlery catalog Alessi we find Dressed with its baroque decorations or Giro with its vortex shape.

Golden cutlery

Defined as a must-have by the most authoritative brands in the sector, spoons, forks and knives with gold or copper finish are chosen to be the absolute protagonists of the table. If you don't like to decorate but still want to give a refined touch to the table, the golden cutlery can be for you. White tablecloth and plates combined with the golden shades of spoons and forks and that's it! You will have a refined and elegant table that will amaze with the simplicity of the elements and the amazement of golden tones.

There are many styles and colors used but let's not forget that cutlery sets have always been very popular wedding gifts, especially for couples who have recently started living together. These table accessories have on average high prices because the quality must always be maximum especially if we consider that a service has an infinite life but in the catalog we find cheap cutlery with the Itsumo set by Alessi. Stainless steel and simple shapes for a cutlery set that perfectly combines quality and price.

Unmissable on the set table, from breakfast to dinner, cutlery has well-defined positions that must be respected in the most important dinners. To the left of the plate we have to arrange the forks, as many as the number of courses, and the tip must be facing upwards while on the opposite side, on the right, the spoons go, then the knives with the blade facing the plate. Finally, above the plates and glasses, the cutlery for sweets and fruit; knife and spoon to the right, and fork to the left.

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