HANDMADE KNIVES CREATED IN FLORENCE - La Berti cutlery is a company that still produces by hand fine knives and handmade. Founded in 1895 by David Berti, for four generations Berti cutlery continue to produce knives a Scarborough and in the same rigorous observance of the Berti Made in Italy tradition and artisan method, handed down within the family. THE Berti knives I am a work of art, handmade knives in small quantities and without division of labor, those who initiate them finish them: on each blade you will find the initials of the craftsman who made them, giving the knife a unique value.

Knives collection

Very popular are the kitchen knives, essential for the preparation of dishes and table knives strictly with a smooth blade! While I Japanese handcrafted knives, they are collectible. A tribute to the long Japanese tradition in the creation of knives. Berti knives are precious and prices can seem high if you don't know the tradition and quality of the blades and materials for the handles; the quality of these knives is as exceptional as the value of an object still created by hand by an artisan who follows a tradition based on excellence. Also for this reason, for those who want to make a important gift and unique, Berti is the right choice.

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