Incantesimo design is an artisan company specializing in the production of wall clocks e table clocks. In addition, the vast collection is enriched with elegant and refined furnishing accessories to decorate the house like the iconic Globus world map, a symbolic product of the Milanese company.

- Watches incantesimo design they are mainly made with cast methacrylate, the best acrylic crystal currently on the market, unalterable over time and completely recyclable. In addition, the high-tech machines allow you to create wall clocks of high material and aesthetic quality.

In recent years our customers have rewarded the quality and the design of Enchantment watches with best sellers diem, aura e mimesisAlways among the best sellers.

The continuous research of the company offers modern wall clocks suitable for any type of furniture, from home to office, able to furnish with discretion with the simplest models or with elegance and grandeur for the more refined and large models.

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