Wall clocks, magnetic boards and wall document holders

The catalog of ranges from Watches da wall lavagne magnetic up to furnishing like wall document holders. Fun, colorful and functional products made strictly in Italy. The style of the company is based on design Duvet, appreciated for its essential and clean lines, but it is enriched with serigraphs and colors inspired by great artists, by icons of our times or by nature.

Often the objects created by designobject are Multifunction and contain more "roles" in a single complement. Like, magnetic whiteboards that are also wall document holders, or wall clocks that are also mirrors or document holders that are also key rings.

The main material is the sheet, while square and rectangular shapes alternate in a vast catalog. Both the magnetic boards that modern wall clocks, are conceived as decorative elements for the walls, functional and beautiful objects, which bring order and functionality with a touch of color. The products of designobject also find space in offices or in working contexts with magnetic boards with organizer, calendars or watches.

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