Karman lights: lamps design for the House

If you are looking for lights for your home and want to give a touch of uniqueness, you cannot miss the catalog Karman Italy. Roots in the heart of the Marche region and an eye to distant horizons. Karman shine is an all-Italian company where unconventional materials are experimented to create lights of design, functional and magical distributed all over the world. The chandeliers Karman they are a hymn to creativity, able to transform light into a decoration that will make your rooms special and bright. The lighting Karman it is aimed at those with character, for those who love to dare and furnish with original lamps that stand out for their audacity and flair. In fact they experiment with new forms, they dare with lamps by design original and revisit classic styles with contemporary technologies. Mixing utility and flair, Karman creates an illumination design which surprises, which amuses and which attracts because these lamps are real protagonists, sometimes discreet, sometimes gaudy, which enhance both private and commercial environments.

Particular lamps: Karman knows how to surprise!

Among the most surprising lamps that the designer Matteo Ugolini has made in recent years, there are certainly there UGO RILLA and AMSTERDAM. Two special wall lamps depicting a gorilla and a bulldog dog. Attentive and determined look, these two lamps, strange for some or brilliant for others, have already conquered many homes, strong in a design unique and creative that appeals to those who want to surround themselves with creative and special accessories.

Elegant lamps: the class of Karman!

The lighting catalog of Karman it is very large and elegant collections could not be missing, suitable for refined and well-kept environments. DON'T TOUCH it is an irresistible floor lamp, like the desire to touch it and have it at home. A natural form composed of a white base with a luminous interior on which opaque white stems are placed that recall bamboo plants in the wind. SNOOB is a modern take on the classic crystal chandeliers while NOTREDAM is a led wall lamp that sees the triumph of the gothic style and its rich decorations.

Modern lamps: the contemporary style seen by Karman!

The modern and young style of Karman is reflected in his creations and there are several lines dedicated to lamps with a design contemporary for today's homes. The appliques NARCISO they have a mirror that multiplies the light, the wall lamp LAMINA has a bright light and a design technical while BAG like for its soft shapes and a copper color that is irresistible for many. The catalog Karman lamps will surprise you!

Funny lamps: the creativity of Karman

For those who want to illuminate with original and unique lamps there are shapes that know how to really surprise! BACCHUS, the luminous and refillable bottle that lights up the table; Eighth designed for the bedroom, it is perfect if you are looking for lamps for children; the TOBIA collection which transforms the tools of the earth such as pitchfork, rake and shovel into luminous furnishing objects; or the irreverent lamp UMARELL dedicated to the typical Bolognese characters and beyond, who spend their time watching and commenting on the construction sites with their hands joined behind their backs: the very famous umarells

Experiment, dare and innovate with a decorative use of light: discover the chandeliers Karman in our online shop!

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