REXARTIS - wall clocks

RexArtis is an Italian company that creates collections of modern wall clocks able to furnish the spaces of the house in a unique and inimitable way. Founded in 1998, craftsmanship and industrial technology have merged to invent new forms capable of making theWall clock the protagonist of furniture.

Wall clocks made of wood, glass wall clocks ed metal wall clocks. These are just some of the materials used for the creations Rexartis. Continuous research combined with innovative materials and craftsmanship techniques are the secret of the Watches  Rexartis, modern furnishing accessories at the right price. A team of professionals carries out all the phases of the realization internally. From drawing to painting, from shaping to packaging.

In addition, the hands are of high quality, the constant and non-jerky speed makes the movement of the mechanism smooth and continuous. Wall clocks made in Italy where all components are certified and free of harmful substances. The entire production cycle is in a single location so it makes the wall clocks eco-sustainable and economical. Finally, materials and processes comply with the most rigorous directives, because the best resources are used to ensure maximum product life.

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