Le lamps Rotaliana they combine tradition and innovation with ancient roots and contemporary thinking. In fact, the catalog offers modern lamps that intercept the desire for beauty sought by customers, but oriented towards a functional and quality form. L'lighting Rotaliana it has a minimalist character that makes modernity and elegance its strengths with a large and modern catalog created in the production district of Mezzolombardo but distributed on all international markets.
The illumination of Rotaliana is in great demand for the high quality of the materials used combined with a competitive price list that offers a design sought after at affordable prices for all. The bond that unites the company to Trentino is very strong and is perceived above all in the field of sustainable innovation, careful to respect nature and its delicate balances.
Multipot Rotaliana is a multifunctional lamp that has made the brand known to the general public because it has responded with innovation to a problem that is still very much felt: the annoying tangle of cables of the many chargers "scattered" around the house. With multipot, Rotaliana has solved the problem with a luminous jar that collects excess power supplies and cables, closed by a lid that acts as a tray for objects, luminous and therefore visible in the dark, where to put our electronic devices to recharge.

Rotaliana wall lamps

If you are looking for wall lights to illuminate your home, Rotaliana offers a vast collection of wall lamps with a modern and essential taste. Many different shapes and sizes to meet the most diverse furnishing needs. The Step collection is among the most requested thanks to a perfect balance between size and light beam, while the String line is appreciated for the articulated arm that allows you to direct the light where you want. Rotaliana creates lamps of design who know how to fully satisfy the eye and

Rotaliana floor lamps

The catalog with the floor lamps of Rotaliana impresses with the proposed dimensions. In fact, they are slender lamps that illuminate with the smallest footprint, giving the possibility to insert them even in the smallest spaces. A solid and sturdy base supports a thin and slender stem that ends in a diffuser that changes according to the collection. Discs, cups and more regular shapes radiate a warm and intense LED light into the environment, capable of bringing the right amount of light into the room.

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