Aria wooden wall clock


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Aria wooden wall clock

The Aria wooden wall clock by Ves Design is a functional and decorative piece of furniture! An elegant and harmonious vortex that characterizes a simple but not obvious dial. Around the central wall we have a succession of points that give movement to the whole composition. With a diameter of 40 cm, it has a standard size, perfect for any wall in the house. On the dial there are no numbers but four hour markers at 12, 3, 6 and 9 which remind the cardinal points inside the compass. This watch is as if it were telling us that despite the chaos that reigns in the world, we always find the way and the protection of our home. The three hands are thin but clearly visible. Finally, the interior of the vortex is filled with a linear texture that accentuates the three-dimensional effect. In fact, the Aria watch is worked with the latest generation technologies. Layer after layer, they create a three-dimensional texture with different shades based on the light. An authentic expression of Made in Italy, the Aria wall clock thus represents a piece of furniture by design suitable for furnishing the living room as the entrance to the house.

Diameter: 40 cm
German mechanism
Lithium battery included

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Ø 40 cm


Shipping in 5-10 working days

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