Colombina serving plate


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A serving dish to elegantly serve food on the table

Il white porcelain serving plate Series Columbine collection of Alessi it is an indispensable element for those who want a unique and unexpected table. This dish together with all the elements of the Colombina collection, not only stand out for their aesthetic quality but offer a refined evolution in the rituals of the table, thanks to its playful component and its attitude to change. A sculptural approach to plates, containers and cups with unexpected shapes that can be associated and superimposed like a stack of petals, creating different solutions each time. A versatile service that offers a wide range of elements for setting and serving at the table, leaving room for the creativity of those who use it.

Width (cm):  33.00
Length (cm):  37.00
Material: White porcelain
Weight 1 kg

Colombina collection


Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas


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