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One of the most famous in the world: the 9093 kettle from Alessi

Il kettle 9093 stainless steel is one of the best sellers of Alessi, and in recent years it has become one of the icons of design contemporary. The Kettle It is characterized by a bird-shaped whistle and the magnetic steel bottom makes it suitable for induction cooking. The design of this kettle, created by Michael Graves in 1985, blends cultured influences from European art, American Pop and citations of pre-Columbian cultures. This highly personal visual language of Graves is responsible for the extraordinary success that the kettle has collected since the year of its production. A cultured and elegant object, but at the same time playful and fun: when the water boils the bird sings, inevitably tearing a smile.

Diameter: 22.00 cm
Height: 22.50 cm
Capacity: 200.00 cl
Colors: Black and White
Weight N/A

Blue, White, Black


Michael Graves


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