Bacchus table lamp - 2700K


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For those who love to surprise, Bacchus is the lamp for you

Bacco table lamp - 2700K is an unusual bottle-shaped table lamp designed by Matteo Ugolini. Inside the frosted white glass diffuser, we find a LED from 250 lumens to 2700k (warmer light than the 3000k versionthat will illuminate your evenings in the open air. Elegant and unusual, the Bacchus lamp replaces candles in the most modern and creative tables, an accessory that will illuminate your dinners by bringing a touch of amazement and uniqueness.

The structure rests on a removable aluminum base, which houses the on / off and the mechanism to recharge it. Bacchus has no wires, is rechargeable and has an autonomy of 6 hours. How was the Bacchus lamp born? Turn on a light and everything appears visible. It is said that the grapes are harvested only on full moon nights, that they are pressed and left to rest in distant places, strictly by candlelight. Thus was born Bacchus, one of the most refined "table lights".

Bacco table lamp - 2700K technical specifications:


Diameter: 9 cm

Lamp height: 34 cm


Diffuser: white satin glass

Removable base: micro-blasted aluminum

Logo: nickel-plated metal

Light emission

Light: filtered

Electric Device

Light source: 3,3W LED, 250 lumens - 2700K

Batteries: 4,8Vdc rechargeable

Battery autonomy: 6 hours

Battery recharge time: minimum 10 hours

Single battery charger included

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