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An accessory for home and office: BRAINSTORMING BIG magnetic board

The Brainstorming Big magnetic board is named after the words brain and storming. In fact it indicates that state of creative confusion that occurs when you have a thousand ideas in your head, for example during a meeting with colleagues! Brainstorming is one magnetic board which serves to do a bit 'of order in this storm by fixing, with some magnetic accessories (included in the package) sketches, notes, images and everything that can be useful to conceive the brightest idea.

An original office and studio accessory, from design captivating. Also of particular interest are the magnetic accessories. Their shape allows you to attach tickets, photos, notes as if they were suspended in the air, creating a three-dimensional effect of sure visual impact. The magnetic board consists of a laser-cut, folded and powder-coated sheet metal. The graphics are hand screen printed Originality, design and functionality gathered together.

Dimensions: 80x80x2cm

Material: Powder coated and hand screen printed metal panel.

Color: white Ral 7035


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