MoMa perpetual table calendar

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To enhance the office desk or the shelf at home, there is the MoMa perpetual table calendar

The MoMa perpetual table calendar is made by dESIGNoBJECT and is an accessory to decorate the home as the office. By manually moving the three magnetic spheres supplied, the calendar changes configuration day after day, marking the passage of time in an original and fun way. The sphere is tied to a thin black thread and is magnetically attracted to the large circle on which the months of the year are marked; in this way the sphere remains suspended "magically" in midair.

The Perpetual desk calendar was designed for the MoMa museum in 1998 and still, after more than 20 years, it retains the unchanged charm of a true icon of the Design as well as Timor the perpetual calendar of Danese Milano.

Dimensions: 22,2 (h) x 32,3 x 7,6 cm

Materials: Injection-Molded Plastic magnets, Injection-Molded Plastic magnets

Colors: Circle marks months in black, bar marks days in red.

Accessories: 3 magnetic balls

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