Kitchen knives set of 4 pieces


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Masterchef kitchen knives with forged blade and riveted handle

Kitchen knife set with wooden box with the four essential knives in the kitchen:

- Ham knife: flexible and long blade essential for cutting ham, cold cuts and roast beef that need to be cut into thin slices.

- Bread knife: the only one who will have the serrated blade. It can also be used for dry fiber desserts such as tarts.

- Carver for meat: smaller than that of a chef, it is similar and mainly intended for table service.

- Boning knife: sharp and stiff blade is used to de-bone and clean meat from inedible items.

The blades are obtained by hot forging with a hammer, once the only way to guarantee a good cutting quality (the blows of the hammer break and order the molecules of the steel) today are highly appreciated for their beautiful and elegant appearance. Made with full tang, i.e. the blade is a single piece that runs through the entire handle, have the surface finish of the satin blade. Produced entirely by hand in small quantities.

Pieces per pack: 4 - Package size cm. 41,9 × 17,2 × 5,4

Total size cm. 0 - Blade size cm. 0 - Weight gr .: 738 - Packaged weight gr .: 1621

Blade: X50CrMoV15 stainless steel - Handle: White Plexiglass

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