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Ambient fragrances

When the front door opens, the first thing that catches our attention is the perfume that we hear. Today there are various quantities of room fragrances, what makes the difference is the way i speakers they act and spread the essence in the room.

Le scented candles and perfumers are not all the same, the quality of home fragrances it is a duty for our collections, but above all the style is what distinguishes us. A design refined and elegant that makes the fragrance diffuser a piece of furniture to enrich and decorate the home. A diffuser can harmonize with the style of the house or become a decorative element that contrasts with the furniture to draw attention to itself and to the fragrance it releases into the environment.

Ambient perfumers Alessi

The collection The Five Season amazes! The normals reed diffusers are reinterpreted and the sticks are transformed into leaves capable of spreading the fragrance with a unique and elegant style. For this reason, the leaf diffusers are also suitable as wedding favors: a perfect idea to thank the witnesses with an object of design that will surprise you. Nebulizers, scented candles, leaf diffusers or electric room fragrances; to each their own style in room fragrances.

Room fragrances: the materials

Wax, wood or ceramic; to each their own material! The ceramics of Federica Bubani they are impregnated with delicious essences while technology is the soul of George, one of the best electric perfumers. The pods with natural essences are the heart of the diffuser while the design modern and colorful makes it perfect for contemporary homes.

Home fragrances: a perfect gift!

Le room fragrances they have conquered everyone and are the protagonists in all seasons; woody and sweet fragrances for the colder periods or fresh flower essences for the summer. Precisely for this i room fragrances they are an always welcome gift idea, able to surprise with intoxicating scents or with diffusers of design with elegant and not obvious shapes.

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