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Ambient fragrances and candles

Enter a fragrant environment always strikes and as we do for the body fragrance, also the perfume of our home speaks of us and represents us. Scented candlesleaf diffusersnebulizers e electric air fresheners for rooms they diffuse the scent in the room with discretion but can also become furnishing accessories that help decorate shelves, bookcases and tables to bring an original touch to all environments.

Ambient perfumers

In this category we find the speakers that with their technology or design, diffuse the fragrance in the environment. THE home fragrances they are the most purchased because they make the environment in which we live more welcoming and cared for but also at work we can create a cloud of perfume: a fragrance diffuser on the desk or on the cabinet near our workstation, allows us to recreate a small corner all ours and a little escape every time we smell the fragrance in the air. Like the collection The Five Season where Alessi reinterprets the classics speaker sticks and turns them into leaves elegant and original. Or Feel, a unique terracotta diffuser, handmade in the workshop of Federica Bubani in Faenza, a city famous throughout the world for its ceramics, where terracotta is impregnated with perfume, spreading it without the need for electricity or sticks.

Scented candles

 A great classic, perfect for those who want to indulge in a cuddle whenever they feel the need! The scented candles they spread their scent once they are lit and in addition to perfuming the environment, they illuminate it with a dim and romantic light and contribute to making the atmosphere more intimate. Perfect for a dinner for two in the living room, for an evening with your book or for dinner with friends. Discrete and classic, candles always retain an elegant and refined allure that will never go out of style.

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