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Mirrors design


They are considered by many to be fundamental and indispensable home accessories. In fact, in the bathroom, in the hall and in the bedroom, you cannot miss one or more mirrors to take care of yourself and your appearance. One particular mirror for the entrance, for one last look before exiting, one round mirror and bright in the bathroom, to put on make-up or shave, or a large mirror in the bedroom, to dress flawlessly.


Mirrors are functional objects that help us in everyday life and are also valid allies in the smallest spaces. In fact, the use of one or more mirrors helps to have a wider perception of the spaces as well as reflecting natural light and contributing to the lighting of the room. Moreover, in recent years, modern mirrors have acquired more and more importance in home decoration, becoming indispensable elements also in this respect.


Wall mirrors: the shapes


Round mirrors are a timeless classic that finds space in all rooms of the house while special mirrors are conceived as real accessories of design, capable of decorating the house with originality. The most harmonious and original shapes of the mirrors can decorate the wall or bring liveliness to areas of passage of the house, in order to give a refined touch even to the most neglected spaces of the house while the most elegant mirrors are the right choice to decorate the area. night or day, creating particular reflections on the walls.


The mirror is a decorative element that cannot be missing in the home! And it can amaze with shapes and functions that you did not believe like the watches with mirror surface: rectangular or square, they contain in a single accessory two essential functions for the home, marking the time and giving the possibility to look at oneself in the mirror.


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