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An icing on the great cake of the design is the serving tray for table service. When we have friends at home, we often have to bring coffee, drinks or food from the kitchen to the living room and the tray allows us to do all this in safety, comfort and even elegance! A practical support surface that allows us to bring food to the table for dinner, presenting them in the right way and without effort.

Table service is often neglected because it is not always necessary, especially in dinners with friends and family, but on the most important occasions, class is also needed for this; the tray design it is an essential home accessory, especially if we want to be impeccable in front of in-laws or our colleagues! A selection of modern trays to give a touch of refinement to the home, and elegant trays that often become centerpieces to hold candles or scented flowers: space for imagination!

Trays Alessi

One of the most loved and requested brands in the catalog Alessi we find trays in wood and steel but also particular shapes as for the modern Colombina tray. Round, rectangular or oval trays, the tray has various sizes to suit your needs and tastes.

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